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What does a professional cleaning company do?

If you work in a commercial or an industrial premises that is in need of a spruce up, or a retail unit that is looking tired, or your office grounds have seen better days, get in touch with Unit Clean and see how we can help.

Unit Clean offers commercial cleaning services to a huge range of business types and sectors to take care of their daily or weekly cleaning requirements at their premises.

What type of businesses employ commercial cleaners?

Whether you are an owner, landlord or tenant of commercial premises, Unit Clean can offer a variety of services to businesses that include:

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Offices and office buildings

  • Shops, shopping centres and retail outlets

  • Factories and warehouses

  • Hospitality companies including hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafés and bars

  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities

  • Hospitals, Medical Centres, Doctor and Dental Surgeries

  • Gyms and Leisure Centre Facilities

  • Residential Care Homes

What type of services do commercial cleaners provide?

A contract cleaner such as Unit Clean has specific expertise and knowledge about how to undertake many cleaning and clearing tasks safely and efficiently, using the correct machinery and products. A commercial cleaning contract can also include:

Why should you engage the services of a professional commercial cleaning contractor?

There are many reasons why a professional cleaning contractor can enhance your business, and not just aesthetically; including:

  • Equipment - if storage space is at a premium in your premises, it maybe difficult to house not only the basic cleaning supplies but also large equipment pieces for carpet or floor cleaning. Your business may not be prepared to purchase or maintain these and a commercial cleaner can provide all that is required. Commercial cleaners also have access to more professional grade or heavy duty products to tackle the tasks that domestic products do not.

  • Experience – Your contractor is expert in looking after the cleanliness and hygiene of all types of commercial premises. Unit Clean has over 35 years of first-hand knowledge in commercial cleaning and can assist you with your exacting requirements, tailoring their service you. Read more about us here.

  • Time - a busy premises or business leaves very little time for cleaning. Your staff are hired for a specific role and may not consider cleaning to be part of that. By hiring a professional cleaning company, the cleaning of your premises will be carried out regardless of how busy things become.

  • Reputation – a clean and sanitary workplace can dramatically enhance your reputation amongst your staff, customers and clients. Likewise, a dirty and unwelcoming premises can project a negative image, which you really don’t want! A commercial cleaning company can ensure your building is sparkling from entry to provide a positive impression.

  • Reduced stress - having a commercial cleaning company take responsibility of this important but sometimes tricky part of your business can leave you feeling more relaxed. A trusted partner is vital and Unit Clean ensures that the whole team is vetted, reliable and trustworthy for your business needs.

We have a whole Gallery or 'before and after' photos from commercial works that have required single cleans which were provided on an ad hoc basis.

Our full gallery of Previous Projects can be viewed here.

The cleaning of one commercial premises or site compared to another may require different skills, equipment, and processes.

At Unit Clean, our team are expertly trained to deal with the differing requirements which can be presented to them when carrying out commercial cleaning services, and one site can require very different services, equipment and supplies to another.

Unit Clean can visit your premises and provide you with recommendations on services and frequency to ensure you receive the best and most appropriate services for your business.

If you’d like a no obligation quote or would like to discuss your requirements, we’d be happy to speak to you. Contact us here or call us on 01327 708920.


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