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Keep any area of your business or domestic premises sparkling clean in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way with the Eco Orange max PH Neutral multi-purpose cleaner.


Available in a choice of a 1 x 5L size or 6 x 750ml spray bottles

Bulk Buy: Multi-Purpose Cleaner

SKU: UC7527
PriceFrom £11.95
Excluding VAT |
    • Neutral pH, with no hazard classification
    • Highly concentrated cleaner and degreaser, suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces
    • Dilutes up to 100:1 or available in ready to use 750ml form
  • Deliveries are made by Unit Clean with a local radius of our HQ (30 miles) every Tuesday and Thursday.  Order now for quick delivery within 3 business days.  Delivery is FREE with orders over £35.

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