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Soft, strong & Environmentally Friendly.  Laminated and Luxury Embossed

100% Recycled FSC accredited 

4 rolls per pack, 10 packs per case, 40 rolls in total.


104mm width x 210 Sheets per roll


These toilet rolls are ideal for any washroom areas, hotels, bars, restaurants and schools. With extra layer of comfort being 2 ply, this adds to the strength and durability of the roll.


Being completely made from recycled materials makes the rolls unique and environmentally friendly.

Laminated, and pattern embossed luxury toilet roll.


Made in the UK, meaning there is less of an environmental impact on the rolls being transported.


40 Rolls of Luxury Recycled Toilet Roll. Environmentally Friendly

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  • Deliveries are made by Unit Clean with a local radius of our HQ (30 miles) every Tuesday and Thursday.  Order now for quick delivery within 3 business days.  Delivery is FREE with orders over £35.

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