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Protect your premises with a barrier entrance mat

Protect your floors from premature damage and help stop the spread of dirt across your building premises this Winter with a barrier mat service from Unit Clean.

Barrier Mats are extra-large entrance mats. Designed to remove dust, dirt and grime from footwear, entrance mats are the first line of defence against dirt and moisture from shoes, before it spreads around your building.

Entrance mats and runners help create a clean, dry and hygienic environment, but also reduce the risk of slipping when people enter your building with wet or dirty shoes onto a smooth or polished floor.

  • Perfect for heavy traffic areas

  • Barrier Mats are charcoal grey

  • Variety of sizes available - 3’ x 4’/ 4’ x 6’ and long runners are 4’ x 12’

  • Ideal for Reception areas, coffee areas, kitchens, cafe’s and shops, commercial & healthcare

  • Super absorbent

What are the advantages of Barrier Mat rental?

Unit Clean offer a variety of premium barrier entrance mats that can either be purchased or rented, often on an agreed fortnightly or monthly cycle.

The average mat can lose its absorbency is just two weeks, but our hassle free service is shaped by you and will be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Regular fresh clean mats fitted for you hassle-free

  • Specialist professional clean given to mats we remove

  • Frequency can be adapted to suit your business needs

Specialist washing provides a much improved mat, fresh and ready for absorbing much more dust and dirt than simply running a hoover across one.

Branded Barrier Mats

Looking to add your logo or branding to your entrance mat? Create a warm welcome that is strongly branded across the entrance to your premises.

Unit Clean can offer custom printed and branded barrier mats for your premises. Contact us for a chat about your requirements.

The answer to your premises Hygiene Supplies

Barrier mats are just one part of the hygiene supplies and rental services offered by Unit Clean.

We also offer everything from soap dispensers, hand-dryers, hygiene bins to air fresheners. To see more of the available ranges, click here.


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